Refund Policies

Refund policies for each program are listed below. If you have any questions about these policies please contact the club treasurer.

Getting Started in Hockey

GENERAL REFUND POLICY Covers programs offered by the Chesterfield Hockey Association, Maryville University Hockey Center or Pacific Ice Rink. * The Maryville University Hockey Center AND the Pacific Ice Rink are owned and operated by the Chesterfield Hockey Association ------------------------- Refunds will only be issued prior to the start date of a program or in the case of certain extenuating circumstances deemed acceptable by the Chesterfield Hockey Association; owner and operator of the Maryville University Hockey Center.   If there are any mandated season interruptions or cancellations due to COVID 19 government restrictions or Missouri Hockey restrictions, refund decisions will be dealt with in an equitable pro-rated fashion. If the Chesterfield Hockey Association cancels a program, or if a player is ‘cut’ from a program via the tryout process, the Chesterfield Hockey Association will issue a full refund of the program cost.  No administrative charge will be assessed.    Once teams are selected via the tryout process, voluntary withdrawal results in first installment payment forfeited including 10% administrative costs.  If a member voluntarily withdraws from a spring 4 on 4 or summer 3 on 3 program prior to the start date, Chesterfield Hockey Association will issue a full refund minus the 10% administrative charge. If a player sustains a season ending injury, Chesterfield Hockey Association will issue a pro-rated refund of the league fees.  The refund is calculated based on the balance of league play remaining between the refund eligibility date and the end of the season.  The 10% administrative charge also applies.   Certain extenuating circumstances approved by Chesterfield Hockey Association could also result in a refund.  Ex:  Player’s family moves out of State.   All refunds (except where noted above) are subject to a 10% charge for administrative costs.   If a Chesterfield Hockey Association program (ex:  MO Hockey league) has a pre skate / training camp and/or tryout process, and this process has a fee separate from the main program fee, the following refund policies are in effect.   A refund will be issued for either a pre skate / training camp, tryout or both if the request is made prior to the start of the program.  In some approved cases, a refund will also be issued if the player requests the refund after the start of the program but does not attend any of the sessions.    No refunds will be issued if the player attended any number of sessions for the program.  There is no pro-rated refund for pre skate / training camp or tryouts.  All refunds are subject to a 10% charge for administrative costs.   This policy attempts to define the refund policy for the most typical refund scenarios.  Chesterfield Hockey Association always strives to be fair and equitable with all members.  Chesterfield Hockey Association asks that all members remember that Chesterfield Hockey Association is a non-profit organization run by volunteer members who strive to keep costs as low as possible.  Program fees do not capture the full cost of changes like refunds.   Chesterfield Hockey Association reserves the right to accept or deny any request for a refund.

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